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In difficult life situations, you are not alone. 

As a certified coach, organizational developer, communication trainer, engineer and pilot with extensive experience, I'm here to help you overcome challenges and create positive change in your life or team. 

Discover the solutions within you and become the self-determined pilot of your own life. 

Contact me to learn more about my services and how I can support you in achieving your goals.

About Me:

As an experienced pilot and mental training specialist, I help individuals and teams overcome mental barriers and challenges to achieve their goals.

My focus is on developing the potential of individuals and groups towards the goal of becoming dream teams. I use modern insights from neuroscience and take into account deeply the often challenging environments to reduce stress and other psychological strains in order to foster a positive work atmosphere that promotes enjoyment in what we do. 

I have extensive experience teaching mental training at universities and large companies, where I have helped many teams and individuals unlock their full potential through coaching.

My clients include C-level executives, doctors, pilots, artists, and athletes.

Staying calm, maintaining a clear head, and making thoughtful decisions are qualities that I have learned as a pilot and are reflected in my personality. 

Nothing is more dangerous than panicking or doubting oneself and one's abilities while in the air. This is the foundation of my work as a consultant, coach, and trainer.

My personal motivator is to help other people improve and reach their full potential.

Take the challenge to work with me and inquire about a free initial consultation via the phone.

Michael Wurster

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My Offer - Added Value for You

English & German 

Coaching in Crisis Situations: 

Are you stuck in the middle of a crisis or do you currently feel that you are unable to move forward? 

I can support you in clarifying your situation, working out meaningful goals and taking the first steps in your desired direction. 

You will learn how to manage stress and how to actively prevent burnout.

Cross-Cultural Coaching:

Are cultural differences creating tension and unsatisfactory work outcomes for you? 

You will learn how to deal with cultural differences in a way that will strengthen your relationships with others.

Business Coaching:

Would you like to fulfil your job role more competently or take the next step on your career ladder? 

Together, we will dissolve blockages so that you can utilize your full potential and make visible progress along the way. 

Business coaching helps successful people become even better.

Communication Coaching: 

Have you also noticed that inappropriate styles of communication often lead to undesirable outcomes? 

Communication coaching, self-reflection, the development of a meta-position and having more options to hand are the main ways you can improve your most important attribute.

Situation-appropriate and context-related communication styles will also be practised. 

Team & Organizational Development:

Has the team spirit been lost? Is the level of communication and collaboration between team members rather poor and far from ideal? 

If so, then it’s time to shake things up and restore enthusiasm once again so your team can become more united in its approach pursuing the goals of the organization. 

Better teamwork enhances satisfaction and success levels and minimizes fluctuations in performance.


Within your senior role, are you dissatisfied with the current achievements at your workplace? 

The majority of employees can be educated intensively through training. 
By adopting this approach, mistakes can be avoided, collaborative techniques can be utilized and an overall positive effect achieved. 

The goals defined together at the start of our journey are continuously kept in mind to ensure they can be achieved by the end of the training course.