About me 

“To see clearly, changing one’s perspective is often enough.”

 Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Michael Wurster 

  • Certified systemic coach (University of Mainz) 
  • Certified organizational developer (University of Mainz)
  • Communication Psychology (Schulz von Thun Institut, Hamburg)
  • Pilot (EU & NZ aeroplane flight licence) 
  • Head of European training (int. vehicle manufacturer)
  • Train-the-trainer instructor 
  • Author (automotive engineering book) 
  • Business economist  
  • EurEta engineer 
  • State-certified automotive engineer 
  • Focus: customer care & diagnostics 
  • Project manager (IHK & HWK) 
  • Master automotive technician 

How I work 

My primary focus is to gain a comprehensive understanding of your unique situation right from the start. 
This allows me to be a reliable support in helping you achieve your goals. 

It's important for me to get a detailed understanding of your goals so that we can develop a clear idea of the path we can take together.

With my neutral and fresh perspective as an outsider, I help you apply proven coaching techniques and often insights from the cockpit. These techniques I use are supported by research in neuroscience. 

This approach helps you tap into your own intuitive knowledge and use established models to develop solutions that are tailored to your needs. 

My Background in Coaching and Organizational Development

Two high-quality and comprehensive one-year trainings at the renowned University of Mainz form the solid foundation of my work: one in the field of systemic coaching and another in systemic and agile organizational development. 

Subsequently, I extensively studied the concepts of Dr. Gunter Schmidt in coaching, team development, and organizational development.

In my consulting practice, I have particularly benefited from the diverse workshops led by Dr. Manfred Prior. Additionally, I have gained extensive knowledge in communication psychology and its closely related models through courses at the Schulz von Thun Institute.

The workshops conducted by Ortwin Meiss, Dr. Christian Schwegler, and Michael D. Yapko, along with their books, are valuable resources in supporting individuals. They assist in preventing depression and burnout, while enabling individuals to find their own path to better self-management and improved relationships with others.  

Furthermore, I often draw on content and insights from my pilot training in New Zealand (2003) and Germany (2013), as well as from my practical flying experience. These experiences contribute to various areas, including stress management, handling emergency situations, communication and teamwork, as well as self-reflection and body awareness. 

For practical application, I extensively utilize imagination techniques. This involves mentally rehearsing entire sequences of actions, such as the step-by-step landing approach in Frankfurt, for example. However, my utilization of imagination techniques extends beyond coaching pilots; it proves equally effective for elite athletes, executives, and other target groups in reprogramming the brain.

The experiences acquired from the cockpit significantly enhance my coaching approach. I am consistently amazed by the meaningful application of numerous aviation elements to diverse aspects of life and organizations, and the remarkable adaptability demonstrated by my clients. 

Professional Career

Continuous learning plays the central role in my career. Three times I was actively involved when new departments were created, which were great opportunities for me to learn. As a result, team and organizational development, as well as employee management and situation-appropriate management conversations were an issue for me from an early stage.


· Empathetic 

· Calming 

· Rational 

· Humorous 

· Far-sighted 

· Enquiring 

· Internationally experienced 

· Fluent in English 

· Automotive expert 


The establishment of an international training centre provided valuable experience in business development as well as in technical training for all European countries, along with Israel, Palestine, Morocco, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine.