Coaching in Crisis Situations

"Great emergencies and crises show us how much greater our vital resources are than we assumed ourselves."

William James

Specifics of the offer: 

We all encounter stormy times in the course of our lives, which can really shake us up. How we, as individuals, should best react cannot be answered in general, because every situation is unique. However, there are tools that can help us to find the best possible way to deal with the challenging situation, and with the help of such tools we can get through the crisis more easily. 


During their training, pilots practise daily handling of crisis, stress and emergency situations.

At least as important as dealing with potential risks in advance and developing plans for them is their inner attitude. 

This professional inner attitude can be learnt and helps you to stay calm in order to make better decisions. 

Techniques for actively learning how to prevent stress reactions such as burnout or panic can be taught.  

You will learn: 

  • to utilize tried-and-tested coaching methods, including ones I have developed, to effectively prepare aircraft pilots for the most challenging in-flight situations and mentally optimize them for examination scenarios, such as the simulator flight to become a airline captain

  • how to cope with the crisis or emergency situation quicker and better using your own methods, which have already been tried and tested as part of your coaching 

  • how to avoid stress, burnout and the associated high follow-up costs

  • how to develop and apply your own procedures and checklists

Is your stress level still in the green area?