“The man who asks a question is a fool for a minute, the man who does not ask is a fool for life.”



The training content is always tailored to your own goals and actual needs. Determining actual needs is therefore the first and most decisive step for me so that the desired goal can be achieved at the end of the training course. 

In order for the training course to bring sustainable change, it is important to follow up and monitor success. 

Airline pilots use the flight simulator several times a year to be well prepared for any emergency. 

Training topics 

  • Management training 
  • Coaching 
  • Business development 
  • Communication training 
  • Training the trainer 
  • Team development

Training for Vehicle Dealerships 

I have worked in the automotive field since 1994. I learned the profession from scratch starting with an apprenticeship as an automotive electrician at a larger Mercedes-Benz dealership. Afterwards, I further qualified in this field as an automotive service technician, a master automotive technician and a state-certified engineer with a focus on customer care and automotive diagnostics. 

I also qualified as a EurEta engineer, Business Economist HWK, Project Manager IHK&HWK, Trainer, and Coach & Organizational Developer at the University of Mainz.  

Through my work as a trade school teacher, lecturer at the Automotive Master School and trainer & training manager of an international training centre since 2011, the topic of further education has never stopped for me. 


I have acquired extensive knowledge of all aspects of service, sales and new technology in the context of a vehicle dealership. Moreover, I have extensive experience of technical solutions for the vehicle trade – for the German market as well as internationally. 

Thanks to my insight into how many countries operate regarding their dealer structure, etc., I am familiar with a variety of successful concepts. I am happy to incorporate this knowledge into my consulting, coaching and training packages.