"Compared to the ability to organize the work of a single day in a meaningful way, everything else in life is child's play."

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

No one can support you as well as someone who knows the industry and the various roles inside and out - Practical knowledge gained from personal experience.

My training as an automotive electrician at a Mercedes-Benz dealership laid the foundation for my extensive expertise in automotive technology. 

Throughout my career, I have continuously refined my skills and expanded my knowledge in various positions, including as an automotive service technician, employee in automotive testing, master craftsman in automotive engineering, state-certified engineer, teacher at a vocational automotive school, lecturer at an automotive master school, vehicle trainer for various brands, and since 2011, as the head of an international training center. 

As the head of training and a trainer, I have provided comprehensive training for all dealership roles, gaining in-depth knowledge of service, sales, and vehicle technology within the context of car and truck dealerships. I have actively contributed to the ongoing development of the automotive trade, overseeing operations in 45 countries from a training perspective. This experience has allowed me to witness and validate the effectiveness of different distributor and dealership approaches in various regions worldwide.

Coaching, Team, and Organizational Development for Car Dealerships 

For many years, I have been actively committed to increasing customer satisfaction, fostering collaboration, and strengthening team spirit both within the dealership and at the higher level of the distributor.

Based on my extensive experience in the automotive industry, I have found that the existing synergies resulting from effective collaboration among different departments, such as service, sales, and parts, are often not fully utilized. By purposefully mobilizing and harnessing these untapped potentials, we can strategically align them with the company's objectives and contribute to the overall satisfaction of dealership personnel.