Educational Background  

“He who opens a school door, closes a prison”. 

Victor Hugo

No one can support you better than someone who has firsthand experience in educational institutions and various roles.

With a background as a vocational school teacher, lecturer at the master school, trainer, and developer of technical, commercial, and soft skills training courses, and as the head of an international training center for a globally renowned vehicle manufacturer, I have gained extensive expertise.

I have actively contributed to the establishment of this training center, from creating the business plan to designing the facilities, ensuring a comprehensive and tailored learning environment.

At our training center, we conduct Train-the-Trainer seminars in English, providing participating trainers with comprehensive materials that can be easily translated and adapted to their respective languages for their own training purposes.

I take great pride in the high level of self-organization within my small team, working together successfully to support trainers in each country. Our ultimate goal is to ensure top-quality commerce and deliver exceptional service to end customers at the dealerships.

With my wealth of knowledge accumulated over the years, I am committed to making a positive impact through consultancy, training, coaching, and team and organizational development projects.